Support Pages

Here at Cafe Electric we want all our customers to be happy. In any application as new and involved as an EV conversion a few things may not always work as expected. These resources should help you resolve any issues that come up. There are several ways to find answers to your questions:


If you didn't find what you need to know in the owners manual, then the FAQ (which stands for Frequently Asked Questions) is a good place to start. You can access the FAQ index through the FAQ subheading in the menu to the left.


If you're missing the owners manual for your controller, or need some other file that we've posted. The Downloads page available through the menu on the left has links to downloadable files.

Contact Someone

If the above methods don't help to resolve your issue, then maybe you need to contact someone.

If you purchased our product through one of our dealers, then it is that dealer's responsibility to help you with your questions. After all, that is how they earn the markup that they receive. We don't earn enough on wholesale sales to enable providing support on them as well. If the issue is beyond the capabilities of the dealer, then they will contact us for guidance which they can then relay to you.

If you purchased your components directly through Cafe Electric llc, you should email us directly with your support questions. You can do that through the "Contact Us" page on the left. Please include relevant information such as the serial numbers of the products about which the question is posed.

Returns and Repairs

If after working through a diagnosis of a problem, we determine that the product needs to come back to the factory for repair, we will provide you with a shipping address and return authorization. Please do not send any returns without first obtaining a return authorization. Returns arriving without authorization will likely be refused. If they make it through, they will be charged a surcharge.