Other Information

Every once in a while we do some random research or write something up that we think will be relevant or useful to others. This is the page where we will be posting such explorations.

Fun Stuff

Curtis Games

Years ago, I converted Curtis Controllers to do regenerative braking on series motors. You can read about it and get much more information on the details page here.


Wondering what the inside of a Kill-A-Watt energy monitor looks like? I did, so I took mine apart Pictures are here.

Insight EV

In 2007 I converted my 2001 Honda Insight to a EV. The picture album was made in a rush and so is lacking comments. Click here to browse the pictures. The primary purpose is to have a test bed for the Tri-Zilla 3 phase AC controller. Please do not ask about the Tri-Zilla, it is a back burner project and is still nowhere hear ready for production. We're talking years at this rate.

The conversion was a very quick one, taking nine days to install the GM EV-1 motor, batteries and basic instrumentation. The first day saw a lot of help removing all of the ICE components. It was a fun party. The HEPA accelerator pedal was an easy fit as well. I replaced the steel rear springs with air springs years ago, so a little air pressure fixed the heavily loaded rear end.